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Underwriter Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions for Underwriter:

  • What do you expect to learn from this Underwriter job, that you're not currently getting?
  • Are you willing to go where the company sends you?
  • Are there any particular companies that interest you?
  • How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution?
  • How long do you expect to remain employed with this company?
  • How do you handle problems with customers?
  • What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
  • Explain to me how your work experience is relevant to Underwriter position.
  • What do you do when your schedule is interrupted? How you handle it.
  • Are you a leader or a follower?

Underwriter Interview questions for informational interview :

  • What do you look for in a Underwriter job?
  • Describe the best person who ever worked for you or with you?
  • Which is more important to you, the money or the type of job?
  • Can you perform Internet research? Please describe to me your steps in doing so.
  • What type of salary are you worth and why?
  • What type of management style do you thrive under?
  • What steps do you follow to study a problem before making a decision?
  • What do you know about the Underwriter position you are interviewing for?

Basic interview questions:

  • If you could change or improve anything about your college, what would it be?
  • What is your energy level like? Describe a typical day.
  • Would you choose the same curriculum again?
  • What was the name of your most recent employer?
  • What kind of training do you feel you would benefit from?
  • In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our company?

Questions for general interview:

  • How do you cope without motivation?
  • What is your dream Underwriter job?
  • How do you make the decision to delegate work?
  • How much job security do you have in this position?
  • Are you good at working in a team?
  • How did you get your last job?
  • When were you happy at work?
  • Will you take a psychological examination as a condition of employment?
  • How do you determine your priorities when you have multiple projects?
  • How did that Underwriter job influence your career?
  • How would you show co-workers the importance of cooperation?